Ilsham Academy to have a dedicated sensory space

Ilsham Academy will be turning one of its indoor areas into a dedicated sensory space, with the support of the PTFA.

The Parent, Teachers & Friends Association has generously contributed almost £1200 to enable the school to purchase the special items needed.

Mr Grinsill, the Acting Head of Academy, commented “A dedicated sensory space will provide an environment that will reduce anxiety and improve focus for children”.

Miss Priestley, the Academy’s SENDCo, goes on to explain in more detail how a sensory room can help our children:

The addition of a sensory room at Ilsham will add another layer to the social, emotional and mental health support we are able to provide, as well as support those with physical and sensory needs.

Sensory rooms help teach children to regulate their bodies in a way that allows them to achieve success in the classroom. For example, using a sensory “snack” of vestibular movement (linear or rotary swinging) or heavy work/deep movement (through obstacle courses or gross motor movement) can help children to achieve a calming sensory effect. Improved focus and information processing can make a significant impact on their ability not only to learn, but in how they engage with their teachers and peers. Being able to recognise and signal that they need access to this type of stimulation is an important step toward support children in their journey of learning to advocate for themselves in the classroom.














Ilsham Academy to have a dedicated sensory space