The Early Years Foundation Stage makes a crucial contribution to children’s early development and learning. We provide children with a rich variety of teaching and learning experiences that are appropriate to their needs. The Foundation Stage is all about developing the key learning skills such as speaking and listening, concentration, attitudes to learning including the social and emotional aspects of learning.

We offer exciting areas for independent child initiated activities and high quality teaching and learning both indoors and outdoors and creative development is constantly extended with a variety of art and music opportunities and imaginative play.

We encourage children towards reading, communication and mathematical skills from the very beginning. Much of this earlier learning is achieved through carefully structured play. Young children who cannot read or write often express their ideas and feelings through play. It is an important way of developing new skills and building up relationships with other children both individually and in groups.

This first year of school life is so important and we are proud of the provision that is made for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage.