Education of the highest quality

Within the context of Christian values

Our Vision and Values underpin all that we do at Ilsham Academy. They run through everyday life at the school and shape how we act, how we treat each other and reinforce our curriculum offer. Our Vision and Values were constructed through a consultation process involving all of the children, our staff, our families and the team at St Matthias Church so that they reflect our community, and we all have a shared understanding of what it is like to be part of the Ilsham family.

Our vision is ‘To grow and flourish wherever you are planted’. Our children understand that they can succeed and flourish in whatever they choose to do and wherever they choose to do it, wherever they are planted. This is true of not only the children but of our community, the adults working in the school, our parents and carers and St Matthias Church. We hold high aspirations for our children and our community so that they can flourish and be prepared for their next step in life.

This is underpinned by our school values with associated bible stories to support children in understanding their meaning. At Ilsham, as a church school family, we want to be:

  • Compassionate – Jesus tells a story about the ‘Good Samaritan’ to explain what being a good neighbour is all about: Luke 10:30-37. This helps us understand how to treat each other and how we show care to one another.
  • Respectful – Jesus also says elsewhere – “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you…” Matthew 7:12. We have regard for the feelings, wishes and rights of one another.
  • Courageous – the shepherd boy David facing the giant Goliath: 1 Samuel 17:32-51. We hold the confidence that we can make a real change and difference to the world around us and the lives of other. We are agents for change.
  • Honest – Mary and the other women who were the first witnesses of the Resurrection – even though people did not believe them, they stuck to the truth that they really had seen Jesus. Luke 24:1-12. This underpins our relationships with one another.
  • Inspirational – God in creation God saw what he had made and it was very good! Genesis 1. We overcome the barriers that we face in our lives and set our own paths for the future.

‘Flourishing Futures’

The highest of expectations ensure our commitment to maintain and build upon outstanding outcomes for all of our children. Our values drive the curriculum experience that we offer our children. We foster an environment in which children’s contributions and children as individuals are valued and respected. We have a vision of our school as a productive, stimulating and rich learning environment in which children and staff experience equal opportunity in all things in order that their true potential is realised. Improving basic skills is the responsibility of all staff.