Pupils create a school newspaper

A group of inspirational Year 5 children set about creating their own school newspaper this term.

The children took their idea to Head Teacher Mr Grinsill, who gave the project the green light, but otherwise this has all been the children’s own work!

From the concept, design, information gathering, photography and editorial content, Ilsham Academy’s first newspaper is wholly down to the children’s effort and perseverance in the face of some technical difficulties that forced them almost back to the drawing board.  However, they said that the frustration they felt only made them more determined to succeed, so that they could share information around the school to children in all classes.

Now hard at work on Issue 2, which is due out for the end of November, the group is hoping to make their newspaper a monthly one.

To read issue 1 of Ilsham All Around please click here































Pupils create a school newspaper