Trust invites children to design their own school lunch menu



Children across the Learning Academy Partnership have been invited to design a meal for their school.  Your School Menu competition requires children to design a two course hot, healthy and diverse lunch, with prizes up for grabs in each school.

Food plays an absolutely vital part in our lives. It’s an essential part of ensuring that we are able to grow, learn and flourish.  It provides us with the energy to play and the ability to concentrate, study and thrive in the classroom.  Designing a menu will provide children with an insight into how food arrives on the plate at school, as well as an appreciation of all the hard work the catering team put into producing the wonderful food served at lunchtimes.

The winning menu in each Hub will be prepared by our kitchens and served to all children within that Hub free of charge across the Trust on Thursday 5th October.

Prizes in the form of book tokens will be available for each school winner, each school Hub winner and the overall winner from across the Trust.  The Trust winner will also win £750 for their school to spend on experiences for the children.

The deadline for entries is Monday 18th September, and we can’t wait to see the tasty treats the children at Ilsham come up with!







Trust invites children to design their own school lunch menu